Emergency Dental Care in West Bradenton, FL

Dental emergencies can be an unfortunate part of life, and they are often painful and upsetting. Fortunately, Dr. Christopher Stock at Palms Dental is a skilled emergency dentist who can relieve your discomfort and provide prompt treatment.

emergency dental care in bradenton fl

Most people’s instinct is to go to the emergency room, but most ERs are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. They may be able to provide you with antibiotics for a painful infection, but they will likely advise you to see your dentist as soon as possible. 

If you experience a dental emergency, please get in touch with our Bradenton dental office for help. We will get you in quickly, alleviate your pain, and develop a treatment strategy that addresses your problem. 

However, if you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please go to your local emergency room immediately for the appropriate care. 

Common Dental Emergencies 

People of all ages can experience a dental emergency. Some of the most common are as follows:

Severe Toothache 

At Palms Dental, we consider a persistent, severe toothache to be a dental emergency. A toothache can indicate a more serious concern, and we would like to address this issue as quickly as possible. 

Knocked-Out Tooth 

Time is of the essence when a tooth has been dislodged from its socket, but the important thing is to stay calm. Please call us immediately so we can save your natural tooth and ensure there is no extensive damage. 

If possible, locate the tooth, rinse it with lukewarm water, and avoid touching the root. Try to reinsert it by gently applying pressure with your fingers. Otherwise, place it in a cup of your own saliva, or milk to keep it moist until you arrive at our dental office. 

Chipped or Broken Tooth 

Sudden trauma to the face or mouth can result in a chipped or broken tooth. Perhaps it occurred from biting down on a hard object, a sporting injury, or a cavity that weakened the tooth’s structure. Bring the pieces of the broken tooth to your appointment, if possible. 

Dental Abscess 

A bacterial infection can cause a dental abscess, and it often appears as a fluid-filled bump or pocket. Other symptoms include bad breath, pain, and fever. An abscess can form near the root of a tooth or on the gums. Because infection can spread and cause serious health conditions, you must receive immediate care for a dental abscess. emergency dentistry in bradenton fl

Lost or Damaged Restoration 

If a dental filling or crown falls out, see your emergency dentist in Bradenton as soon as possible. Waiting too long for filling or crown replacement can lead to decay and other issues. It’s essential to keep the area clean until you can visit your dentist and avoid chewing on the affected tooth. 

Emergency Dental Care in Bradenton and Sarasota 

Dr. Christopher Stock is a gentle and caring emergency dentist in Bradenton. He uses advanced technology and modern dentistry techniques to treat dental emergencies with exceptional precision and comfort. From quick, same-day crowns to gentle extractions and root canal therapy, Dr. Stock can help you repair your smile. 

Please get in touch with us for emergency dental care near Sarasota.