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Dr. Christopher Stock

Do you offer nitrous oxide?

We won’t take it personally! We understand that fear of the unknown or a negative past experience may mean that the dental office is not your idea of a good time. Our caring team makes heroic efforts to make dentistry extremely comfortable, even for our most fearful patients. 

However, we understand that a smiling face and charming personality might not be enough to put you at ease, which is why we also offer sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide. So, if you have difficulty getting numb, experience a fear of the dentist, or you want to relax an overactive gag reflex, just let us know, and we will help you drift off to relaxation land with nitrous oxide.

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide won’t make us any funnier, but it will safely take the edge off your treatment. Since it enters and leaves your system quickly, you can even drive after your appointment.

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